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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a mobile office truck

 Jeeny, an on-demand ride-hailing app in Saudi Arabia, has launched a new hybrid office model — a mobile office truck. The branded concept offers a comfortable and elegant meeting room and working space for two team members, easily facilitating on-the-go meetings with prospective driver clients and business partners.

A mobility-driven company centered on ease and convenience, Jeeny aims to get the Kingdom buzzing and moving (literally) around town. The workplace on-the-go parallels this mission of the firm.

A discount code is displayed on the back of the Jeeny mobile office truck for customers to redeem on their next ride. 

Designed to tour different cities across the country, the mobile office truck allows Jeeny team members to meet, recruit, and onboard new drivers to join its existing strong fleet. The mobile office truck is also suited for engagements with other business partners as the company executes its national growth plans. 

“Since the pandemic, hybrid work models have been implemented globally, ranging from working from home, remotely and flexible office days. We wanted to take another step in that direction for our team that resonates with our service portfolio, demonstrates industry commitment and forward or ‘on the go’ business focus, but also allows us to have some fun,” said Eugen Brikcius, co-CEO, Jeeny.

With the power to host a meeting anywhere, Jeeny’s new mobile office aims to ramp up team productivity, while turning heads and creating a frenzy. 

The Jeeny mobile office will set out at the end of January and will be an ongoing fixture for the firm and its business development efforts as the firm expands across the Kingdom. 

A joint venture between Middle East Internet Group — Rocket Internet, IMENA, Mobily KSA and Knuru, Jeeny is headquartered in Riyadh, with operations across the Kingdom, Jordan and Pakistan.

Offering an attractive pricing model, the company maintains a higher income for drivers resulting in exceptional passenger service combined with high availability and reliability.