In a world where seamless transportation has become an everyday need and a reliable delivery service has become a necessity rather than a luxury for most people, Jeeny steps in with innovative solutions designed to meet and exceed the expectations of users.


Your Affordable, Quick, and Safe Ride Option!

Our Economy service was designed to provide you with a cost-effective, speedy, and safe transportation option. Whether you're a daily commuter or just need a convenient ride, Economy is your go-to choice.

Key features of Economy include:

  • Affordable Fares: Get to your destination without breaking the bank.
  • Quick Pick Ups: Enjoy shorter waiting times for your ride.
  • Safe Journeys: Put your mind at ease with our commitment to safety
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The Classic Yellow Cab Experience with Extra Comfort, Convenience, and Safety!

At Jeeny, we're excited to bring you the reliability of taxies, but with a modern twist. Our Taxi service combines the iconic feel of a traditional cab with added features to fit your needs.

Why choose Taxi in Jeeny:

  • Iconic Yellow Cabs: Experience the timeless charm of a yellow taxi.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride
  • Convenient Booking: Use the Jeeny app for quick and easy taxi reservations.
  • Safety First: Our top priority is your well-being.
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The Most Affordable Rides with Uncompromised Comfort!

EcoLite will definitely be your wallet-friendly, comfortable ride option. Enjoy the same level of convenience you've come to expect from us but at a more affordable rate.

Why choose EcoLite:

  • Affordable Fares: Experience budget-friendly pricing without sacrificing quality.
  • Comfort at Its Best: Enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride.
  • Same Reliability: Speed and excellent services are guaranteed.
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Jeeny Xpress

Your Express Delivery Solution

Say goodbye to the hassle of sending and receiving items! We're thrilled to introduce Jeeny Xpress, your reliable and affordable delivery service. Whether it's a package, a parcel, or any item you need to send or receive, we've got you covered with our seamless and user-friendly app.

With Jeeny Xpress, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Speedy Delivery: Get your items where they need to be in record time.
  • Affordable Rates: Put your mind and your wallet at ease with our cost-effective service.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Keep an eye on your delivery every step of the way.
  • Safe and Secure: Rest easy knowing your items are in good hands.
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